Complete The DJ Class

People with no background in radio broadcasting can learn about on-air programming by registering for and completing the introductory “Be a DJ” course offered through a partnership between KPOV and Central Oregon Community College.  In this hands-on course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of radio programming, including running the mixer and mics, planning for music or talk shows, adhering to FCC regulations, fulfilling the mission of KPOV and community radio, and developing your own style.  We generally offer two classes a year – Spring and Fall. For exact dates, call KPOV at 541-322-0863. Registration for current class is through COCC Community Learning at 541-383-7270, or online here. Search for KPOV.

Learn the Ropes

Each aspiring host will need to sit-in with a current DJ host to gain practical experience and to learn how a show is produced.  You will have the opportunity to learn and practice all the elements of producing a live show, including playing music selections, PSAs, legal IDs and sweepers;  talking on air; running the board and other equipment; following and completing the programming log.  By sitting in with different DJs, you can observe different production styles.

Hosting a live or pre-recorded talk show on KPOV requires an additional set of skills. KPOV has developed a four session training course to give students the skills they will need to outline, script and produce a talk show, conduct interviews and use editing software to produce prerecorded segments. The training is free and available to anyone who has completed the “Be a DJ” course. It is generally scheduled in the Spring and Fall after the DJ course is finished.

Submit a Show Application

If you have an idea for a new show and have taken the KPOV “Be A DJ” class, please complete a show proposal form.  You can download a Show Proposal Form and return it to the Programming Director or bring it to the station. Show Proposal Form.